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Before and Way After Album Cover
Good Life Bad Liver Album Cover
Good Life Bad Liver Back Cover


2nd Album Release Date 7/6/21.  Available now!

Check out the exclusive "Before and Way After" Interview Here

Thank you to Mike McCarthy and for letting me tell my story.


"Good Life Bad Liver" Interview Here!!! 





From New York City Summer 2021:


Here is the sophomore release from pop/rock musical artist, Justin Masters.  12 songs ranging from anthemic rockers, acoustic pop, straight ahead rock & roll and more…


“This album is like visiting an old friend you haven’t seen in awhile” says Masters from his home in New York City.  “These are the songs I wrote as a teenager and in my very early 20’s.  Before I moved to New York. Before I wrote the songs that would appear on the first record.”


That first record being the infamous “Good Life Bad Liver” that was a pleasant surprise to all!


From Love is

“…mature record with thought-provoking lyrics that told stories. It had much more in common with Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Money than it did with Motley Crue and Poison. That’s not to say it was lacking in hooks, as its 12 songs are packed with infectious guitar melodies and catchy choruses, but it’s definitely more like singer/songwriter rock than heavy metal. As it turns out, Justin has as many colorful stories to tell as he does to sing about.”



“… pretty cool debut for this singer/songwriter and he’ll be worth keeping an eye out for in the future, so let’s keep hoping he continues to follow his own vision because the results could be very much worth it.”


From Let It Rock

“Justin clearly comes from an Americana singer-songwriter niche, which can’t restrain his arena intent – and neither can Pettyisms and Springsteenisms evident in Masters’ storytelling. That’s the spirit and the ambition.”


Though “Before and Way After” was recorded at the same time as the debut album, the songs themselves date back several years (decades in fact!) to a time when technology and life in general was simpler.  Just a young man and a guitar with his whole life ahead of him wrote these songs that are finally being released for the public to hear!


All songs were written, performed and produced by Justin Masters.  Lead vocals by Zach Allen. Drums by Jason Harrison. Mastered by Ted Jenson at Sterling Sound Nashville.


In conclusion, Masters says “It felt good to go back and relive these moments again.”





Well… here we are.  17 years in the making…


The songs and stories of the times I’ve spent in my adult life since moving to New York City in 2000.


I’ve always been in bands but except for a few occasions, it’s always been playing other people’s songs.  Playing guitar following someone else’s vision of what the band should be.


I just needed something completed.  Something to show for all those countless times inspiration hit.  It took hours…days…years…just to get it right.


There are moments of hope to be found…but most of these stories were written in between various self-destructive phases throughout my 20’s and 30’s.  I can honestly say I know what it’s like to have nothing.  Then to have it all.  And almost lose it all.  And it’s right here in these songs.


One big THANK YOU to my family, friends, bandmates, co-workers and everyone else that I’ve met in this life.


All songs written, produced and performed by Justin Masters.  To help complete this album, I called on friend and former bandmate Jason Harrison to play drums.  Lead vocals are courtesy of Zach Allen  The final mastering was done by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound NYC.  Everything else is courtesy of yours truly. 


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